Sludge suction

Szathmári Zsolt

Szathmári Zsolt
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Sludge suction

The solution of mechanic desliming and hydromechanics dredging out of lakes with sludge suction-pump:

- sludge release
- biological sludge release
- maintenance service of lakes
- sludge suction-pump
- sludge release of fishpond

We undertake the release and suction of soft sludge in fishponds with hydraulic sludge slop suction-pump type of Stanley TP 08.

The use of the special high yielded installation is a fast and effective way of mechanical desliming to remove the organic and inorganic sludge layers of lakes.

With the reduction of the amount of sludge the territory of fishes is progressing and growing, and significant improving in standard of the lakes is expected, too.

After the removal of the sludge layer it will be experienced the rising of the scale of oxygen and the reduction of the scale of toxic ammonium in the water.

The yield of the suction-pump is 3500l/minute, but it could be decreasing to the yield of 2500l/minute, if the content of the stale stuff of sludge is too high. The hydraulics suction-pump causes no disturbance (because it is totally sound-proof), so the fishpond and its surrounding area won't be bothered by noise pollution.

The installation can be easily moved, so it can be installed also in areas which are difficult to access.

It doesn't need electricity, because it works with combustion engine.



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